We all know that Florida has some great amenities such as an ideal climate that makes it a great place to live, work and play.

And with that great climate comes the opportunity to go bare!

If you are a nudist living in the state of Florida or perhaps a vacationer that is contemplating a visit to our great state, the Florida Nude Recreation Guide is a must-have item for your book collection!

Get the inside scoop regarding your nudism options in the state of Florida:

Nude Beaches –Find out where they are located and where it is legal, where it is accepted, and where you may get fined.

Nudist Resorts – Perfect for a vacation or perhaps you may want to purchase real estate in one of these communities. There are resorts that are high-class and some that are more rustic. Some cater to singles and some cater to couples.

Clothing-Optional Cruises – You can have all the fun you normally would have on a cruise, but there are some that allow you to take it all off!

Private Sailing Charters – Perhaps the idea of a cruise with thousands of nude bodies might be overwhelming to you. This can be especially true for a first-timer. However, there are companies that will let you charter a private boat, and you can experience a nudist adventure on the Gulf of Mexico or in the Atlantic.

Campsites – Perhaps you want more of a “rustic” experience. There are campsites that will let you experience naturism at its finest.

Hotels – These are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill hotels. There are hotels and bed and breakfasts that also allow their guests to be nude.

Festivals – There are certain festivals that are a little “risqué” compared to what you may find in other parts of the country.

Nude Bar – There is a bar in Florida where the patrons can go without clothes.

Nude Races – Spain is famous for running of the bulls. Florida is famous for running of the balls.

I’ll also cover other aspects of nude recreation within the state.

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